Cheque Printing problem in Navision 2009 SP1

jk_jaffarjk_jaffar Member Posts: 2

Continues cheque printing is not happening from Navision. after first cheque 3 cheques are jumping with blank always. Will you please help in this regards if is there any settings ..?

Thank You


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    • Check the PaperSize property of the Report
    • Check the form configured for the printer in Windows. Check both, Extended, Defaults and General, Settings.
    • Use a pristine .zup
    • Make sure the printer uses the printer driver supplied by the printer vendor for your exact printer model
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    jigneshdhandhajigneshdhandha Member Posts: 41

    When Print Check First Time Reprint = False But When you Print Same Check Second Time then You must Set Reprint = True.
    Check Reprint Field on Request Form/Page of Report.
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