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pietro_simonipietro_simoni Member Posts: 3
I made a terrible mistake.
I deleted my company ](*,) in Navision and now I need to restore it.
Is there a way to retrieve all my data?
I know it is possible to do a rollback but I don't know how.
Please, help me. [-o<
Thanks in advance.
Pietro Simoni


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    aleix1979aleix1979 Member Posts: 213
    Oh Dear! #-o

    What you mean when you say "restore it" do you have a backup? Pretty straight forward answer if you do (both hotcopy or regular daily backup system) If you don't I don't know any way to do so. Is your database in Native Navision or in SQL. If in SQL you can check the Backup section of Management of the Enterpris Manager and see if any automatic backup is set-up.
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    pietro_simonipietro_simoni Member Posts: 3
    No, I haven't any backup. I am running Navision in native mode, not SQL.

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    aleix1979aleix1979 Member Posts: 213
    I'm afraid the only way to restore it at that point is to restore it from a backup software in your system :? such as Veritas, ARC Server... Sorry about that. May someone know a more sophisticated method :?:
    Navision Developer
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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Maybe Microsoft can help with their C/DART tool to recover the data. Contact your MBS-partner and they will call Microsoft for help.
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    Timo_LässerTimo_Lässer Member Posts: 481
    Do not use the database in any way until you have an answer from Microsoft wheather they could recover the company with C/DART!

    If you try anything within the database, it could be that you overwrite the parts where the deleted company data was stored.
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