there is not enough memory to complete the current

awatharam86awatharam86 Member Posts: 49
Hi guys,

I tried to restore a database. But it is end up with error "there is not enough memory to complete the current activity". I tried to increase catching size,but still the same. please advice.


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    chets0810chets0810 Member Posts: 5
    Dear awatharam86

    I faced the same error. While restoring the database.

    Have you import the Migration Tool objects in your database?

    If yes first remove those those objects first from your database then take backup again.

    This error will not happen again.

    If this is not the reason for it. Might be have the low space disk in which disk you restore the database.

    In case of any other issue. Let me know.
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    awatharam86awatharam86 Member Posts: 49
    yes, perfect. thank you so so much. Itz working now. Really Appreciated...
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