Error on "Carry out Action Message" (Planning Worksheets)

gtrgtr Member Posts: 131

Since an object update from test to prod, we have a strange message when Carrying out Action message on Planning Worksheet (Nav2009 R2) (see image)

Compilation on CU333 is ok - without error - but error message persists ...

Any Help would be welcome !


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    gtrgtr Member Posts: 131
    Customer using RTC - and the error happenbs there.
    When using Classic there is no error - Purchase orders are generated correctly - without any error.

    If there is anybody who can give me a hint, would be nice :)
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    A guess...

    There is some bespoke code in the codeunit, have you added anything like...

    IF Value1 MOD Value2 = Value3 THEN.....

    My guess is that the C# compiler is evaluating the Value2 = Value3 BEFORE evaluating the MOD which results in trying to MOD a decimal value with a Boolean value. Try adding parentheses as follows...

    IF (Value1 MOD Value2) = Value3 THEN.....
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    gtrgtr Member Posts: 131

    Your guess was so right - the problem is solved

    Thanks a lot !!!
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