Fail to reverse payment journal lines due to out of balance

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Dear all,

My company is using Navision 4.0. We have a strange issue today that our account tries to reverse some payment journal lines. She unapplied them, then she reverse vendor ledger entries firstly. ALL of them were unapplied successfully.

Then she performed "Reversal" by clicking button "Function\Reverse Transaction.. against those unapplied entries". Some payment journal lines were reversed but few failed, and got the error message "You cannot reverse the transaction because it is out of balance"

I took long time to check those entries which were unapplied successfully but failed to reversed as well as their original payment journal lines. Then I find, those unapplied entries were balanced, the amount of G/L entries of original payment journal lines were balanced, too, but the additional-currency amount of G/L entries of original payment journal lines WERE NOT. There is 0.0001 difference in it. Please see highlights in pictures fore more detail.

G/L entries for payment journal lines

G/L entries after unapplying

I have some questions about this:

1. Is it the reason we cannot reverse those payment journal transactions? By Exchange loss/gain?

2. Why we could post payment journal successfully but have problem to reverse them?

3. How should we do to reverse successfully those entrie?

I really appreciate your kind advice!

Best Regards,


PS: I supplement pictures about reverse transaction entries, hope this can provide more information.
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