export in excel very slow

noun_mimnoun_mim Member Posts: 5

I export data to excel using the table Excel Buffer, and excel is not visible.

but the process is very very slow.

Is Any one know how can i improve the process to run faster.



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    jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    Are you absolutely certain you need to use the Excel automation interface? If you need to export a large amount of data, it's better to use e.g. a dataport, export as comma seperated values and open that file in Excel. Much faster!
    Kind regards,

    Jan Hoek
    Product Developer
    Mprise Products B.V.
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    noun_mimnoun_mim Member Posts: 5
    I have to export data into excel file and not in a text file that i would import into excel .

    Is there a possibility to create an excel file directly?
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    s.delikostovs.delikostov Member Posts: 32
    You can try with Excel Authomation, but it isn't very friendly.
    Stamen Delikostov
    Navision Solution Developer
    Intelligent Systems Bulgaria
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