Remote consultancy assistance, not hotline or support

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No doubt of the value of providing consultancy services to customers onsite. Nevertheless, it is associated with much wasted time and costs in terms of transport.

Similarly, we know all too well that the consulting assistance have to delivered throughout days so we as suppliers can get reasonable profit, this despite the fact that customers often seem full days is more than they can cope or may not have time compared to their other daily tasks.

I am convinced that many of our consulting services on site, with the benefit for both customer and supplier can be converted to remote consultancy assistance. The challenge is to choose the technology and software that best supports this. There are on the market a myriad of suppliers to do so, for example. Lync, Skype, TeamViewer, ShowMyPc, ISL, Netsupport, NetOp, NTR support, and others.

Which system/supplier to deliver remote consultancy assistance have you chosen and why have you chosen this system?
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    I have used Skype by default since most of my clients already have it, and I like the combination of IM, voice, screen share, and file sharing.
    When they don't have it, I usually use
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