Planning Worksheet - Backdated Purchase Orders

iankiank Member Posts: 8

We have a scenario where BOM components are not held in stock but are purchased in when a Make to Stock BOM requires replenishment.

Currently I have the Parent Item on Make to Stock with relevant Order Modifiers and the component (purchased) item set to Reordering Policy "Order".

When running these through the Planning Worksheet, the suggestions are made for the manufacture of the parent item with a work date of the due date, and creation of backdated purchase orders with Due Date of the Work Date. The quantities are calculating correctly.

Is there a way to configure this so that the Start Date of the Purchase Orders is the Work Date and the dates run forward through to the Production Orders so that the Due date of the production orders is in the future in accordance with the relevant Lead Time Calculations?

The date calculation would be similar to that undertaken by the "Capable to Promise" calculation which can be run through the Order Promising on Sales Orders.

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