Posting Date warning although settings seems to be correct

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When user 1 does want to change the status of a released production order into a Finished one, with postingdate 20-06-2013, the waring appears: "Posting date is not within your range of allowed posting dates....". One of the prodution order compontents does has the Flushing method "Backward". This means that the consumption is will be posted on 20-06...but it doesn't.

What could be the cause of this issue:
1) Usersetup?
User 1: Allow Posting From: 01-05-2013; Allow Posting To: <empty>

According to my, this couldn't be the cause (posting date 20-06-2013 is within this range.

2) General ledger setup?
Allow Posting From: 01-04-2013; Allow Posting To: 30-06-2013

This couldn't be the problem too! Besides the user setup is leading!

3) Does is something has to do with the application of Item ledger entries?
So I was searching for the "first" (FIFO) open entry (type was purchase) which will be used by applying this consumption.
The posting date of that Purchase is 19-12-12.

So I thought, maybe it has to do something with the the posting date of the first 'positive entry' when applying item entries. In order to test my conclusion, I changed the usersettings of user 1 in Allow from :01-05-2013. If my conclusion was right, NAV wouldn't post but.......unfortunally it did!!! It also applied the item entry of type "Consumption" with the Item entry of 19-12-12!

So the question is: where did the message came from? What date is NAV checking?

I don't know, so I really look forward to your anwer!

By the way, we don't make use of Inventory Periods!
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