Windows 7 opening multiple copies of Navision

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Has anyone ever seen this before?

I have Nav 3.10A. I have a few people in the office who use Windows 7 and a few of us are still on XP. Windows 7 uses Virtual Machine.

One lady in the office had this problem twice. I don't know the cause of the problem. Nor do I know what solution was last time as our Network Consultant talked with the lady.

We have 10 licenses (1 in use by Navision itself) so 9 really.

So the problem is back.. she double clicks the shortcut and it opens 4 or 5 Navision windows. Her Navision was frozen so she went to use someone else's. Someone else (Windows 7) couldn't log in because all the sessions were in use. Finally she went back in task manager and ended them all.

I don't know if that other person on Windows 7 can log in now because he left. He's the owner and not in very often. I can log off and back in Windows fine as there's currently only 4 sessions in use, but if that lady tries to open hers again it opens 4 or 5 windows with one double click of the shortcut.


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    Is there a reason why you are on 3.x executable? You can get newer executable that run on windows 7.
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    They don't pay mainenance. (As stated in other post).
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    I started with this company around 2005. They already owned Navision before I got here. They were paying that yearly maintenance for 10 users before I got there and after I got there. A few years ago we discontinued it because it wasn't giving us anything. It was basically pissing away money. Any time we needed help it was like "well, you were required to tell us within 30 days of buying Navision if there were any problems". Nobody uses EVERY single inch of Navision in 30 days, so it's hard to find all errors. The other answer we got is that they'd bill us a minimum of 2 hours work or whatever it was.

    And I don't want anything to think I am ever bad mouthing them. Whenever I spoke with them they were knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. It's the company I work for that's cheap.

    So, during all that time of paying maintenance, they probably could have asked for an updated executable?
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    If you discontinued it, your old partner can still give you the latest executable of that time. I think it will be NAV 5.0 which will work in w7. You only have to do a simple exe update.

    Don't be to hard on the partner. Most of the money you paid yearly went to microsoft.
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    I don't think I'm too hard on them. As I've stated previously, when I did need help they were quick and helpful, it's just the company I work for didn't want to pay.
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