posting date wise sorting

mkpjsrmkpjsr Member Posts: 587
hi experts

I want to sort report id -703 item register quantity posting date wise . please guide how can i do this.


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    If you need the report to look just the same, use the Item Register entry to determine the first and last ILE No.
    Place the ILE Dataitem at the same indent level as the IR Dataitem and break up the link; sort by PostingDate and add filter by the determined range of entry nos. Now for each ILE get the corresponding IR entry and check that it is within the filter on the IR Dataitem (just in case there were more filters on the Item Register Dataitem than just a range of Register Nos.), skip the ILE if not. Add some logic to display the register no. "group headers".

    If you don't need the register no. on the output, or don't even need it for filtering, simpler variants are possible.
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