C/SIDE Solution Development module 3 - text file (Missing?)

surajvsurajv Member Posts: 32
I'm on chapter 3 of C/SIDE Solution Development. Lab 3.1 requires a text file. which is called starter.txt
I cannot locate this file anywhere i have checked the material downloaded from partner source and downloaded software as well, i have asked around within my company but seems nobody knows.

Can you help locating this file please?

Task 1: Review the Text File
High Level Steps
1. Open the Mod03\Labfiles\Lab 3.A - Starter.txt file.
2. Note down all objects and their types that are contained in the file.
3. Make sure that only the following objects are present in the file: ...............



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    suraj92291suraj92291 Member Posts: 49
    Hi Surajv,
    I am also facing this problem. ](*,)If you found the solution then please tell me.

    Thank You.
    “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
    ― Albert Einstein
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    Konrad_SECKonrad_SEC Member Posts: 10
    Assuming you have access to Partner or Customer Source at Microsoft Dynamics, you need to search to "Student Training Materials" and then to "C/Side Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013". Then you should be able to download a ZIP file where a VHD is included with all materials including fobs and txt files. 8)
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    hejianminhejianmin Member Posts: 2
    I want to have the Starter.txt file.
    plesase send me email with Starter.txt.
    my email is jhe@pbc.co.jp.
    thank you!
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