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Dear Team,

One of our prospects have a database with Tables and Forms created in 130000 series. Since I was thinking till date that Tables/Forms/Reports/Data Ports/Code Units can be created only from 50000 to 99999 by Microsoft Partner.

We cannot able to access the customization or design screen with our developer license, what should be done?

To buy the granules if any to access the tables, which granules need to be bought?

Also is there any discovery made to access these objects made in 130000 series without buying the granules?

How could the partner who had implemented earlier create in that series ](*,) , may they wanted the customer to suffer if the customer wanted a partner change......
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    Objects in that range are probably from the Application Test Toolset
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    Dear All,

    The issue is due to Integrated Solution Vendor (ISV). Those type of vendors or solution provide are given access to create their own solution integrated with Navision which cannot be accessible by non ISV.

    For accessing the objects you must get permission from ISV through email and sent it accross Microsoft who give permission to access the objects.
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    I find it quite odd that an ISV would be give objects in the 130000 range. But, then again, many things MS does can be rather odd.
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