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victor73victor73 Member Posts: 55
Hello Fellows,
another strange behaviour, can someone explain why the following is happening?
If I use the table filter on a form and apply for example *TÓTH* i get correctly a record on the form and if I apply * TOTH* (without that special char "Ó") I don't get any record and that's the correct behaviour!
But if i do the exact same two operations directly on the table (from object designer) in both cases i receive records---> that's not absolutely correct!
This is important because the direct consequence is when by code I use setfiler(Table.field,*TOTH*)-> I receive a record---> not correct, I shoudn't. I should get a record only in case I do the following setfiler(Table.field,*TÓTH*)

Can someone tell me what causes this starnge behaviour
Thanks a lot


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    Is by chance the record in the form temporary? -> then update to NAV 2013 to solve your problem.
    Otherwise check the filter you set by code from the UI. Is it the correct one? If not, try to find out the numeric character value that NAV uses for that character in the database and use that to specify the filter. NAV does some strange things with character encodings in the C/AL editor and in objects exported as text.
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    victor73victor73 Member Posts: 55
    Ok thanks for your response, but to be honest it didn't help!
    First of all, I don't think temporary tables have nothing to do with the issue, because as I said in my first topic I am having the issue directly on running the table in object designer so temporary tables are not causing the strange behaviour!

    Then concerning the other suggestions, they'd be valid if the strange behaviour was given only on the C/AL environment, but it occurs filtering when running the table. So we have to resolve the problem there!

    Any other suggestions out there??

    Thanks to all you folks
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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    Hi Victor,
    victor73 wrote:
    First of all, I don't think ...
    Well, did you check it?
    With an SQL Server Database, the database collation (in NAV the setting on the Collation page of the Database New/Alter form) influences the searching and sorting (and therefore filtering) within the database. For temporary tables a scheme much like the native database was used. So, yes, it matters.

    And since the filtering on the real table does not perform to your liking, you need to change the database collation. Make sure, Accent-sensitive has a tick (in NAV) or your SQL collation contains the string _AS

    Apart from that, I am at a loss...
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    victor73victor73 Member Posts: 55
    I resolved it changing database collation and making sure that Accent-sensitive has a tick
    Thanks for your great suggestion
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