Outlook 2013 with Classic Client 5.0sp1 OSendMail Error

tarkmylertarkmyler Member Posts: 57
I have a client with Outlook 2013 (32 bit) installed on her 64 bit Windows 7 wokstation. They are running NAV Classic Client v5.0sp1. Whenever she tries to call codeunit 397 (NewMessage) and she hits the line (Offending NAV line below) that invokes the automation controller shown below she gets the error shown below as (Resulting Error).

This is a new employee with Office 2013. No one else in the organization is getting the error, but I'm pretty sure they are all using Office 2010 or prior. I've tried un-registering the OHandler.dll and laying down the NAV2009R2 copy (in common or classic locations) and re-registering without any success.

I've seen all of the references to a hot fix for v4.0sp3, but that won't help me as we are v5.0sp1. If I can get a confirmation that this is an unresolved issue we can move ahead and pulling office 2013 and roll back to office 2010. Another alternative is re-coding the outbound email logic to use the SMTP mail codeunit instead of 397 Mail, which is past its useful life. I'm looking for a fix or a confirmation that this is an issue and that it won't be fixed on a version that isn't supported my MS.

Offending NAV Line from codeunit 397

Resulting Error
This message is for C/AL programmers: (always comforting :roll: )

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by
1.7:{F3B45F48-1F4A-40C9-8DE6-5CC377BF4F82}: 'NS Outlook Syncrhonization Handler'.OSendMail.
Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered.
Mark Tyler
Pacific City, OR
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    mherzogmherzog Member Posts: 1
    Have same Problem here with Win-8 x64, Office 2013 and MS Dynamics Nav Classic Client (6.0 SP1, 6.00.32012)

    After several tests I assume some functions of library olhandler.dll doesn't work with Outlook 2013.

    Does anybody knows: is there any update for Outlook-Add-In with Office 2013?


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    tarkmylertarkmyler Member Posts: 57
    I can find no resolution for this issue. The client uninstalled Outlook 2013 and went back to Outlook 2010. Lots of time and trouble for something that should be a known issue.
    Arg. ](*,)
    Mark Tyler
    Pacific City, OR
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    ThomasjuelThomasjuel Member Posts: 2
    Regarding Nav2009R2 classic client and Outlook 2013, we have identified the problem using the OsendMail on German win8 and German office/Outlook 2013, but it can actually be more general. We have though not seen the error testing on a us-English OS and Outlook. So far we have just identified the OsendMail giving the mention problem other methods in the dll might have similar problems our investigation will show this. This method is used in codeunit 397 Mail.
    Currently we are investigating this issue and hopefully will return with more information soon.
    Please keep in mind Nav 5.0 is not being supported anymore so a fix, if available, will only be provided to Nav 2009 R2/HF
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    bertmbertm Member Posts: 11
    i have the (almost)exact same problem.
    Our client is using nav 2009 R2 RTC, and has new computers with outlook 2013 (32 bit).
    When trying to send a mail, they have the same error message as was posted earlier in this thread.

    Is there a fix voor navision 2009 yet?
    I'm amazed that not more people experience this problem.
    Maybe it has something to do with the folowing fact:
    when outlook was upgraded from 2010 tot 2013, you don't have the error.
    It's only on new computers, with a freshly installed office 2013.
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    AxelernstAxelernst Member Posts: 2
    edited 2013-10-02
    see my other post
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    bertmbertm Member Posts: 11
    Our clients install office 2013 via the microsoft portal.
    They don't have/get the installation discs anymore.
    It is the only way for them to install office 2013.

    My guess is , that some dll's are not installed/registered. Can anyone guess wich dll's?

    Also, you can't seriously suggest to clients that they have to install office 2010 first, then uninstall, and only then install office 2013.
    If they have to do that for +-10 computers....
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    OldNavDogOldNavDog Member Posts: 88
    I just want to chime in with another (as yet unresolved) instance of this issue. Exact same error message as the first post in this thread.

    Environment: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, NAV 2009 R2, Classic Client used (only). Outlook 2013. Codeunit 397 being used for a custom "SendAsPDF"-type function.

    Things were working just fine until the customer "reinstalled" Outlook 2013. Then the NAV -> Outlook automation was "broken".

    This is a bit different, as the system WAS working with Outlook 2013 and W7 x64; but after the REINSTALL of Outlook, boom!

    UPDATE: Forgot to mention that the customer has already tried a "REPAIR" of the NAV Client, and a complete Uninstall/Reinstall of the NAV Client. He has NOT tried to (re-re)install Outlook 2013.

    Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want. --Anon.
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    AxelernstAxelernst Member Posts: 2
    We fixed this by updating Office, you need the most recent version: 15.0.4535.1004

    Check if you have this version. Older versions won't work..
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