either the caller does not have the required permission

Kau_147Kau_147 Member Posts: 84
Hi guys,

I am using 2009 R2, & I am trying to upload the CSV file in Navision. I am RTC user.

When I try to upload the following error comes, I have check the permission of folders as well as file.

"either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-Only".

Please help me to resolve this issue.

](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

Thanks & Best regards,
Kavita Bavkar.
Best Regards,
Kavita Mutha


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    Kau_147Kau_147 Member Posts: 84
    Dear All,

    I got the solution.. \:D/ \:D/ I understand where is problem.

    I tried on my loacl PC.. I shard one folder & given all permissions to everyone.
    It will work & upload the file.

    But when I tried to open File server then It will not allow me. Even i Cant login into that server through Remote Access.

    Please help me dear... ](*,) ](*,)

    Thenks in advance,
    Kavita Bavkar
    Best Regards,
    Kavita Mutha
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