Prod. Planner controlling whether to Purchase or Produce?

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I'm trying to find a best scenario for solving following requirement in documentation, but so far haven§t found this would even be possible.
We are producing numbe rof items where each is set with Replenishment system = Production Order
Most of these items we can also purchase (they are identical) and sell, ie. the sales demand can be satisfied both by Purchase or Production Order. Usually, the item can also be purchase from more than one supplier.
The production Planner is today making a decision if some item/s should be purchased reflecting the actual production situation.
We're now setting up the planning parameters to have the supply/demand linked (where today each sales order is covered by existing inventory or Purchase or Production order MANUALLY created.)
Is there any way fro the planner to controll that Production suggestion is changed to Purchase?? In he Planning worksheet the lines do show with the related default Replenishment system, the filed even shows the list of option values, but can not be changed.
It would be perfect if at this stage Planner can change the line to be "Purchase" instead pr Production and get it to requisition worksheets where specific vendor can be chosen (if the item can be supplied by several vendors).

Is there any way to controll this during planning??

Or would creating manual Purchase order (probably with Planning flexibility=None) for the same item BEFORE the planning is run make it link through Order tracking with the Sales demand, ie. planning engine NOT suggesting the Production??

have you ever come across similar requirement; do you have a suggestion for solution?? :-k


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    PinkyczPinkycz Member Posts: 17
    Ok, found the answer to this...
    I§ve seen before that when using Order Planning function, this can be setup for each line to plan before "Make Orders" is executed... however, Replenishment system is hidden field in the Planning Worksheet. The rest is then very simple, Repl.System can be then chaged on each line before Execute Action Messages is run..
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