Error during upgrade from 2.60 to 4.00 step 2

robertderoosrobertderoos Member Posts: 10
While upgrading from 2.60 to 4.00 i get the following message:
The remaining Invoiced Quantity 24 of date compressed Item Ledger Entry 2336034 cannot be assigned properly to Invoiced Quantity of related item ledger entries.
You have to update the related item ledger entries, before you can continue te upgrade.

I cant find any related info in the upgrade guide. :?:

Is there a step I forgot? :oops:

Can I step over the compression part in the upgrade? :arrow:

Thanks for the help.


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    Clemens_LiedkeClemens_Liedke Member Posts: 4
    Hello Robertderoos,

    I have the same problem. Do you have a solution in this case?
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    robertderoosrobertderoos Member Posts: 10
    I found the solution. :-k
    If you have compressed Item ledger entries in the past you could select the fields that you wanted to save, e.g. the Document No. or Location.

    In the upgrade tool you have to comment out the filters for the fields that don't have to be saved. Also you have to add filters for fields which have added in the date compression in the past (costumer changes). :)
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    Clemens_LiedkeClemens_Liedke Member Posts: 4
    Great idea.
    I will try that.

    Many Thanks from Germany :D
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