Account Schedule Problem - You have entered an illegal value

fmhiguefmhigue Member Posts: 290
I am having a strange problem with one of my Accounts Schedules. Account Schedule works properly on the Native database but it does not on the SQL database that we are currently testing.

Let me give you the facts.
* Currently I am working with NAV 5.0 SP1 (My objects are from 3.10 I just update the EXE file) on the Native Database.
* Account Schedule has 1322 lines.
* It is the PL Statement.

Account Schedule shows the following error message:
"You have entered an illegal value or a nonexisting row number.
The error occurred when the program tried to calculate: Acc. Sched. Line Row No. =126000, Line No.=4430000, Totaling=26000..1240000
Acc. Sched. Column: Column No=300, Line No = 5000.

The strange part here is that If I delete that particular line on the account schedule it works without problems. Or If I decrease the range it also works.

Any ideas? Are there any limitation on the ranges on SQL?

Thank you in advance.4
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