Two rows with ecid=0 for one NAV user in sysprocess view

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I have SQL log table with informations about users logged to NAV (version 5). These informations are from SQL view sysprocesses.
In very few cases there are two rows for the same user, the same spid and host. User is logged to DatabaseA with NAV client, so why there is the same connection with the same spid to DatabaseB (DatabaseB is also NAV database, but sometimes there is master or tempdb instead of DatabaseB). In WHERE condition I also have ecid=0, so why two rows?

spid User ID Login Time Database Name Application Name Host Name
120 UserA 2013-05-14 07:38:26.843 DatabaseA Microsoft Dynamics NAV client HostA
120 UserA 2013-05-14 07:38:26.843 DatabaseB Microsoft Dynamics NAV client HostA

Anybody any suggestion, please?
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