Classic Client Form Not Saving Settings

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We are currently using 4.3 db and 5.0 front end, and one of our new forms (#50127) is not saving the layout. If I run it from the Object Designer, I can make changes and they apparently save. But if I open the form where this form is loaded via the subform object, it never saves the changes. I looked through all of the properties on the Form (both form and header) and all of the SaveTableView, SaveControlInfo, SaveColumnWidths And SavePosAndSize are set to Yes.

I do have the TimerInterval set to 100 on the Header form so I can check to see if the line the user has selected is different. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem, but it is the only difference between this form and others where it works fine.

I also tried deleting my ZUP file to see if that was the problem. No luck.


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    Maybe you can try to do it again....
    Open the "damaged" form and create a new one.
    Copy or insert the fields and buttons from the "damaged" form.
    Save as different FormID and open the new one.
    Try some modifications and look if the issues exists.
    If everything fine, delete the "damaged" form and renumber the new one.

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