Problem during upgrade from 3.7 to 4.0

pedroccdapedroccda Member Posts: 90
During data transformation in step 2 I get this error:
"It is not possible to insert special characters in italian Bank Acount No. ". This is due to the validate code that check this value. I try to correct the Bank Acount No. to remove any / or \ or any other special char but the error persist. So I try to use blank value in ABI CAB and Bank Acount No. but the error persist again.... #-o

Anyone has solved this problem or have any idea?


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    pedroccdapedroccda Member Posts: 90
    I solved it. It was due to special cahracters in Bank Account No. in other table. The trigger of this table call a method that update data in others tables...

    The problem is that the upgrade toolkit give an error message that doesn't indicate the correct table that generate the error...
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