figuring out deadlocks

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So this one installation is getting a lot of deadlocks. Most of them are on Reservation Entry. I can catch them with Profiler, but the graph shows somethings strange, both SPIDs requesting exact same KEY. How can I figure out the lock order of previously locked tables? Half of the queries are called through WebService, so the SPIDs always change, and I can't run Client Monitor on that.

I've attached a sample graph.

https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=B ... 4orOIKoou8


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    Attachment is not available. Could you post keys in Reservation Entry table?
    Unoptimized key can cause big locking problems, especially for versions early than Nav 4.0 SP3.
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    i'm not talking about long blocking, i'm talking about deadlocks..
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