does not generate hint..

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IndexHint=Yes;Company=;Table="Sales Shipment Line";Key="Bill-to Customer No.";Search Method=;Index=5
SalesShptLine.SETCURRENTKEY("Bill-to Customer No.");
SalesShptLine.SETRANGE("Sell-to Customer No.",'XXX'); 
SalesShptLine.SETFILTER("Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced",'<>0');


results in
SELECT  * FROM "ADB_NAV"."dbo"."c$Sales Shipment Line" WITH (READUNCOMMITTED)  WHERE (("Qty_ Shipped Not Invoiced"<>@P1)) AND (("Sell-to Customer No_"=@P2)) AND  "Bill-to Customer No_"<@P3 ORDER BY "Bill-to Customer No_" DESC,"Document No_" DESC,"Line No_" DESC 

no hint :( why?


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    by the way, entry in the config matches, because if i change 5 to x5, i get an error that x5 is not a valid integer when running form, so it does match the line.
  • mrQQmrQQ Member Posts: 239
    ok, so the Bill-to Customer No. had MaintainSQLIndex=No. Once I set it to Yes, the Index hint appeared, but it is always set to $5 no matter what I specify in the config table..
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