NAV 2013: Users and Credential Types

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In NAV 2009 when we set the credential type to UserName in the config file there was the option to remember the username and password. In NAV 2013 this flag is gone. Is there an option in the config file to enable this feature or can we set the username to a certain default?

Right now we have some clients where the last username is stored and the user only has to enter the password and some clients (same OS, NAV, configuration file) whereh the username is not stored and has to be entered every time they log in.

Windows login is not an option because the site is not in the same domain as the NAV environment.

Any ideas?


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    You setup the user type on the RTC and the Server, on each client PC is a config file in the local installation directory of the 2013 RTC called ClientUserSettings.config

    as for the configuration types there are four types available:

    - Uses Windows credentials, of local workgroup/local computer/Active directory
    - No login prompt
    - Nav rtc 2009 users were only this type
    - User must first exist in windows before being created in Nav

    - Nav Server authenticates against Windows Credentials
    - User must first exist in windows
    - Prompt for Username and password
    - Security Certificate is required for passing credentials over a WAN
    - this type should typically be used when the Nav server is part of an authenticating Active directory Domain and the clients is not part of that domain

    - Does not use wind Credentials
    - Username and Password prompt
    - Credentials are authenticated against an external Mechanism
    - Security Certificates are required to protect the passing of Credentials
    - This type is intented for Hosted environments such as Nav implemented in azure
    - ssl on services is recomended for SOAP and OData services to protect data and insure integrity

    ActiveControlService (ACS):
    - Nav Server Uses WIndows Azure Accesss Control
    - ACS is a Cloud Service providing access web apps and services
    - Integrates with standard Based Identty providers, Enterprise directories and Web Identities
    - ssl on services is recomended for SOAP and OData services to protect data and insure integrity

    more info on the user and credential types can be found here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh169371(v=nav.70).aspx
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    Yogi1983Yogi1983 Member Posts: 22
    Sorry to bring this up again..but is there any way at all to save user credentials when using credential type UserName? Or is it just not possible. Or maybe it will be possible in the next version, NAV Crete?

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