Error message when open Sales invoice form

kellycywkellycyw Member Posts: 24
Hi All,

One of our customer using Singapore version 5.
She encounter an error message when she open sales invoice form. Please advise?

Error Message:
The follwing C/AL functions can be used only to a limted degree during write transactions (because one or more tables will be locked). Form.RunModal() is not allowed in write transactions.
codeUnit.Run() is allowed in write transactions only if the return value is not used.For example,'OK:= codeUnit.Run() is allowed in write transactions.




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    IsitarIsitar Member Posts: 29

    Does this occur in a Chronus?
    If not, this occurs when you make a runmodal during a transaction --> commit before it and it will be fine, but PAY ATTENTION with commit..
    Better have a look if you can do a run instead of a runmodal.
    Greetings from Switzerland
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Turn on the debugger to see where the problem is.

    Double check and new code added to your system.

    Review this post for guidence:
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