Change unit cost to finish good item(standard cost)from 0.

ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
I have one item as finish good.When i make production order to this item i see item cost in this production order in output is 0 from value entry table .

I go to item card i see unit cost is 0 to all transactions that made before. Now i want to change cost from 0 to 210

Are using revaluation journal will do that OR using standard cost work sheet



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    ishita83ishita83 Member Posts: 1

    I had also faced sinmilar challenge and could resolve it.
    I would be happy to help you in this regard if you share your contact details.

    Best Wishes,
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    ChinmoyChinmoy Member Posts: 359
    Cost of finished goods not updated automatically when you post the Production Orders. There are some periodic activities which you need to run to update the cost. You will find "Update Unit Costs" inside the Manufacturing --> Periodic Activities. Try running this and see if costs are being shown in the Value Entries.
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    ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
    in this link i attached screen shoot from proplem as following
    my question is why production order finished with unit of cost 0
    and how i solve this proplem
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