Multiple Costing Methods

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I would like to use multiple costing methods in a single manufacturing company. Some Raw Material Items would be setup as FIFO, some would be setup as Standard Costing.

Does anyone know a reason NOT to do this?

This company is a manufacturing site, and would be using Navision's Manufacturing.

The Raw Material Items (FIFO and Standard Costing) would be used on the same BOM's and in the same Production Orders, etc. They would be used to build up the cost of Intermediate items - these Intermediate Items and the final Finished Good items would be set at just FIFO.

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    HalMdyHalMdy Member Posts: 429
    In STD Navision, Costing Method is defined per Item (on the Item Card, Invoicing). :D
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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 918
    It is no problem to use different costing methods per item, but keep in mind that this can only be set/changed when the inventory is zero.
    You need to set up all the items as required before the first postings take place.:!:

    If a correction is wanted afterwards, you will then have to post a negative Adjmt. first ( down to zero ) ,then change the costing method and then post a positive Adjmt. :roll:
    Kai Kowalewski
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