Exact cost reversing with negative qty and item tracking

iteasiteas Member Posts: 13
Hi everybody,

We are trying to enter a purchase order with a negative quantity. Usually this works fine, but in this case we're talking about an item with serial number tracking. Furthermore, we have exact cost reversing enabled.

On the item tracking lines, it is possible to enter serial numbers with quantity -1 instead of 1, so far everything works fine.

But when trying to enter the Appl.-From Item Entry field in the item tracking window, it seems not to be possible to enter the positive item ledger entry from which this negative entry applies.

When trying to do a lookup from the Appl.-From Item Entry field, the default filter in the lookup screen contains:

Positive = No (which seems not to be correct, because it actually should only show positive entries in this case)
Remaining Qty < 0 (same remark)

When trying to enter the Item Ledger Entry No. manually, we get this error:

Source Subtype must not be 1 in Tracking Specification Entry No.='1'

Any advice would be appreciated!
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