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Hi All,

we are using navision 2009 and have a problem in creating new customers. When i create a new customer, we get a customer number from number series table that is defaulted, but on the customer name there is no validation and i want to prevent the users keying same customer name that is tagged with different customer number. We are duplicating so many customers in our customer master list. How do I tell Navision to validate the customer name to see if the same name exists before user enters the customer name in the customer master and press enter. I want navision to check the name and if it finds the same name, it must prevent the duplicate name again by giving message as customer name already exists. How to make this change in navision, can yo all give me a simple code to write and in which table and under which data property this change has to be made.



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    Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    If I'm not mistaken this is part of standard NAV CRM.

    You can create your customers as contacts first and then promote them to customers.

    The Contact table allows an algorithm to be setup that checks for duplicates based on name, address, postcode etc.
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    For us - before we enter a new customer - we filter on the zipcode and check the results to see if it exists or not.

    takes an extra 3 seconds but it's worth it.
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    golfergolfer Member Posts: 88
    As Mark said, this is part of the CRM features. You don´t even have to create Contact first and then promote it manually. If you have set up a Bus. Relation Code for Customers in Marketing Setup, contact will be created automatically when the customer is created and the check on duplicate Contacts will be executed. The check for duplicates is controlled by the percentage in "Search hit %" field in Marketing Setup, combined with Search String Setup (press Setup button in Marketing Setup). In Cronus you can change to 20 in "Search hit %" then enter two new customers with name Acme Ltd. After you entered the second one and leave the form, you will get a message that duplicates are found. Try different settings for the Search String Setup and the percentage in Search Hit to find a suitable level for you.
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