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Hello to everybody.

I need to merge some pdf file into one. I tried some solution (PDFCreator, ..), without success. I don't want to use SHELL command beacuse is obsolete and it can't bu used with NAS.

Now i'm trying with BullZip PDF Creator. This can be used in Nav as Automation, and it has a simple function called Merge, to do in a simply way what i need.

The problem is that this function needs in input a SAFEARRAY with the lists of pdf files to merge.

I downloaded the dbOleWrapper, i registered it with success, but when i try to use it, it give me this error:

CLSIDFromProg() failed. :(

The source code that i used is:

IF OW.CreateObjectByName(BZObj,'Bullzip - PDF Writer Automation.ComPdfUtil') THEN

BZObj is a Variant.

Does somebody help me? :D

Thank's in advance guys.


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    rodryrodry Member Posts: 7
    You know the best solution :lol:
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    efassettaefassetta Member Posts: 53
    rodry wrote:
    You know the best solution :lol:
    Ciao lazzaro .....

    ho riconosciuto il nick ... :D:D:D e quindi scrivo in italian, anzi quasi quasi in veronese ... :D

    Ho visto nel sito Amyuni che ci sono un tot di prodotti da acquistare, quello corretto è il PDF Converter Desktop Edition che costa 102,70 dollari?

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