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Hi all,

Recently my company decided to implement new security guidelines. In these guidelines is specified
that all inserts, reads, modifies and deletions of sensitive records (i.e. customer, address) must be stored in a log. Insert, Modify and Delete are not a problem
and can be easily covered through standard "Change Log" functionality. But to track the reads is generating
me problems. I altered the functionality that Change Log has by default for log read but now I have to implement it
on every form. Not nice but I would achieve the goal. Problem I encountered now is that Navision throws me the following error
You cannot make any changes in the database until a transaction has been started.

Because I am calling the code on the OnAfterGetRecord trigger. Does somebody has an idea for a work around.
Only thing that came to my mind was calling either a stored procedure or a web service but I would like to stick to standard C/AL.

Environment: NAV 2009 R2, SQL Server 2008 SP2, Classic Client

Thanks in advance,


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