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astalavista666astalavista666 Member Posts: 14
I am trying to build a Warehouse Card based Report but with an Item Ledger Entry Dataitem included with Lot No. filter.Trying to Calculate some FlowFields i noticed there isn't an option in fileds like "Inbound Transfer Qty" or "Outbound Transfer Qty" (Item Table) to use Lot No. as a filter.
Do you believe it is safe to add Lot No. filter as a table filter in CalFormula of these fields or do you suggest a different approach???


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    DakkonDakkon Member Posts: 192
    I'm not really familiar with those two fields, but if the flowfield is based on the item ledger entry, I'm pretty sure that would be perfectly fine. You just need to keep in mind that the key the flowfields rely on will also have to be updated to include "Lot No.". Also, if there are any related fields, you may want to change those to include Lot No. as well to be consistent.
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    astalavista666astalavista666 Member Posts: 14
    Thank you , i'll give it a try!
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