C/AL code in Navision 4 menusuite?

westerwester Member Posts: 33
I've just begun experimenting with Navision 4.0, but I cannot determine how I can write code in the menu-triggers? I used to do this quite often in the older Navision versions to determine which form to open in certain cases.

Anyone knows if this possibility is removed in Navision 4.0? Are there any other ways to do this in Navision 4.0? :cry:


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    jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    You cannot run any code. Take a look at how the OnOpenForm trigger of most journal forms was changed compared to older versions. A work-around may be to create a codeunit which contains you code, but that has the disavantage of displaying the wrong icon in the navigation pane (i.e. a codeunit icon instead of a form icon).
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    westerwester Member Posts: 33
    Ok, I've done it with a codeunit which works fine, but I don't like this work-around way of operating a simple thing, which always have been possible in former versions.

    I wonder what the reason is? Eventhough the mainmenu are no longer based on forms, there might be a sober way of solving this in the MenuSuite designer. Come on MBS... You can do it! =D> :wink:
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