C/side development across multiple monitors

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Hello all,
Working on a laptop screen I often have many windows open in the C/SIDE screen. Has anyone found a way to work across multiple monitors? I have a second portable monitor that works very well when you want to run two apps in separate windows but it would be great to be able to expand the screen space available while writing code etc.
If not possible then perhaps there's another recommended way to have all these useful windows open while writing code.
Many thanks.


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    jeremyspxjeremyspx Member Posts: 22
    Hello again,
    Since I started this topic, earlier today, I've actually found a program that does a good job of enlarging the screen, so that several windows can be open in the C/Side environment. I found GiMeSpace, tried it for a couple of hours, then bought it.
    It's a virtual desktop extender and you can resize your NAV window to much larger than the extent of your screen and simply scroll around in it by moving your mouse pointer beyond the edge of your screen. You can control what doe and doesn't get scrolled too.

    I also have a second monitor, which weighs just a few ounces - it runs off a usb port and takes its power from the usb also.
    It's called the SoubleSight U9 monitor (9"). WIndows recognizes it immediately without requiring drivers and you can extend your desktop onto it. I currently have the SQL Server Management Studio over on that screen, for example, and the now-enormous NAV C/Side screen on the main laptop screen.

    I hope the above will help many other developers out there.

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    DakkonDakkon Member Posts: 192
    Thanks Jeremyspx, very nice of you to update the thread. I always appreciate it when folks post answers they have found to questions they previously asked! It drives me nuts when people post a followup saying something like "nevermind, I found a solution", without describing the solution. :D
    Thad Ryker
    I traded my sanity for a railgun :mrgreen:
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    jeremyspxjeremyspx Member Posts: 22
    You're welcome. Now for a fix for the ridiculous typo in my earlier message:
    The portable secondary monitor is a Doublesight U9 - 9" usb monitor. It weights about 6 ounces and takes its power (very little) from the USB port.

    by the way, the GiMeSpace program costs $24.95 and provides a tremendous productivity boost because you can have a dozen windows open with several Designers, Properties, Field List etc. You just scroll around inside an enormous virtual workspace by moving your mouse pointer to any of the screen edges. It's great, even if you have a single moitor to work with.
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