Windows CE, Citrix, Motorola MC3100

CobaltSSCobaltSS Member Posts: 137
Hi all,

I've been asked to find out if it is possible to run a Navision client on a handheld bar scanner. Our configuration is a 3.70A SQL Backend database with a 2009 front end. This configuration can not be changed.

So, my first thought was there's no way to run the client directly on the "Mobile Computer", as Motorola calls it. So I thought RDP or Citrix. RDP isn't an option in this envornment, so Citrix it is. We do have a wireless envirnment in the building, and it is secured by certificates.

The mobile computer weighs about a pound (or half kilo).

The form I need to design to work on this brick is pretty simple: Order number, item number, quantity on hand, quantity on order, and quantity picked.

My question is: Has anyone any experience with this configuration? Is it practical? the area being walked through isn't huge, but the parts being picked are pretty small.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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