Dynamics Nav 2009 Drop Down using Field Groups

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Hi All,

Thanks to the below blog I have gathgered a lot of ino about Drop Downs, but I have a question from Field Groups.

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/clausl/archive/ ... roups.aspx

Is it possible to have the drop down list to display different set of fields from different Pages, I can see that it is possible to add a 2nd line or 3rd line to the Field Groups with different Name. If not, what is the use of creating multiple Field Groups for a table.

I am using a table for multi-purpose to save creating new table for storing simple 2 or 3 fields data by segregating the data using a Type field. In short same table is used to store entirely different set of data. But the problem is when I want to display different set of data on lookup from other pages.


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