update filed in item ledger entry where equal value in item

ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
Hi guys i have one problem i have some items raw material i want to show it in report only raw material but not spare part not also finished goods. so that i create field as item type in item
table then put in it text as material this only i put in the raw material item.
but the problem i face i make type item in item ledger entry table to update the transaction there.but it update all transaction in tables (meaning all table transaction updated to material)
what i made is flow field in filed i created in item ledger entry "type item" select no from item where item type ='material' after this i see to item ledger entry table i see type item field in all table = material
Now How i make the field "type item" in item table where = material update or equal same items also =material in item ledger entry table in the filed item ledger entry .type item
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