NAV 2013 Web Client and Column Widths

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Hi there,

Using the Windows Client on NAV 2013, it is very easy to adjust the column width from the default. But on Web Client, I do not believe that this is available.

I have looked at the properties of the columns on teh Pgae and can see that there is a Width property. But when I change the value from 10 to 1000, the default width does not change on the Web Client, nor the Windows client.

Am I making the changes to the wrong property or is there something else I need to do?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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    MichaelleeMichaellee Member Posts: 65
    bump. can anyone please help?
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    MichaelleeMichaellee Member Posts: 65
    bump again. Is anyone actually using this in a live environment?
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    casanovacasanova Member Posts: 194
    any answer?
    i also have the same issue
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    camecame Member Posts: 12

    I have something for you!
    Look at the controls.css and use the class ".ms-nav-grid"
    for your solution you can use the elements ..


    otherwise only for column you can use the class ".ms-nav-grid-columncaption *"

    I hope this helps .

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    willis78willis78 Member Posts: 1
    In the 2013 R2 version, there is page property "Width" that can be used to set the column width. This will set a hard column width value in the Windows client and the web client. AFAIK, this can't be done dynamically. Hope that helps someone.
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    vanrofivanrofi Member Posts: 272
    Using the web-client is indeed not very flexible at all.

    At first glance client looks better on a Mac than on an average Windows PC, but if you cannot change the width, not save the filtered views, not link documents, import pictures, not change the width of pageparts, cannot add/hide columns, not change language,... the only thing left is a commercial advantage.

    I'm not going to modify all pages used on the webclient and change the fields, widths,...the end-customer will not accept that.

    I hope that any of these have been tackled in NAV2015, but still need to find the time to test.

    A good old fashioned published application or Citrix is a better alternative.
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