After invoice full quantity remaining amount not =0 purchase

ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
I make purchase receive to 12 quantity then make purchase invoice to this 12 quantity again to same order

after this i go to database i found that quantity and remaining quantity and invoiced quantity all =12 in item ledger entry table

are this true i think remaining quantity must be 0


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    rriinnoorriinnoo Member Posts: 2

    pressing F1 on ILE."Remaining Qty"

    If the entry is an increase (a purchase or positive adjustment), this field shows the quantity that remains in inventory of the quantity in the Quantity field. If the entry is a decrease (a sale or negative adjustment), the field shows the quantity that remains to be applied to by an increase entry.

    The program calculates the quantity automatically when the entry is posted.

    Try to now to sale or post a negative adj on the Purchased Item and you will see the "Remaining qty" decrease on ILE.

    Hope it help,
    See you
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    ahmedbaahmedba Member Posts: 424
    OK thanks
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