Invoice Processing Bolt ons available?

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HI. I work for a company who is currently running a heavily bespoked version of Infostore and Nav 3.7b. For invoice processing we utilise a process (Signature) thorough which invoices are processed in two different ways depending on the invoice type.

1) For expense invoices (i.e. no stock element) we process in much the same way. The invoice header is populate manually and the balancing line is written to the relvant GL code and the invoice posted.
2) For stock invoices the software lets us attached one or more PO's to the document. We had built into this the abilaiyt to match within a tolerance set per vendor. If the difference between invoice value on the header (typed from the invoice) and the value of receipted lines on all attached PO's in within the tolerance the invoice will post and a balancing gl entry created to a difference account. The reason we had this created is that we process a lot of invoices and the vanilla functionality was causing us great resourcing issues. The PO Qty Invoiced are updated with the invoiced values.

We are now in the process of upgrading to Dynamics2009 and our business has decided to go for as vanilla a product as we can manage. However, having looked at the vanilla product we will be faced with the same issues for invoice processing. My reason for posting on the forum in to see what other people are using to get invoices into the systems.

We have looked at the Advania Signature system (which is a cut down version of what we have now) but it lacks the ability to process stock invoice in any great numbers. Are there any othe bolt on solutions that may serve our purposes??

Just to add to it any bolt on that has an EDI element would also be advantageous. The ability to automatically read in EDI invoice document and have the system match to PO's would be nice to see. What it does for cost or qty differences in another thing. Can anyone provide any information on what bolt on products might be available?

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