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pedroccdapedroccda Member Posts: 90
I'm trying to import from txt file some form exported from toolkit but the system stop process and the message is: "The shortcut key can't be Shift+F5. Insert a valid combination like Ctrl+F5". But the strange thing is that also the original Form use Shift+F5.... #-o #-o
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    jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    Can you post the fragment of the text file that is causing this problem? Just a few lines of context and the offending line itself would be great.
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    philippegirodphilippegirod Member Posts: 191
    Once again... you have to be careffull with the language code :
    Shift+F5 is the ENU shortcut, in Italy it should be something like 'Maj+F'.
    You could try, before to import the txt file, setup the ENU language code (Tools, Languages, English (U.S.)).
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