Remove Forbidden Characters Help!

HelpMePleaseHelpMePlease Member Posts: 6
Hi fellow NAV developers.

I have to recently used Remove Excel CR+LF Errors from the Downloads section and imported it into my NAV DB.

Been struggeling awhile to get to only scan one entire table (18 - Customer table ). Please Help!

I have attempted to add a basic: TableScanList.SETRANGE(TableScanList.TableNo,18);
into the Codeunit (50004 - RemoveForbidenChars).

Added the statement about 3 times in the Codeunit. Aswel as dashing (//) out the these lines in 2 places on the codeunit:


All help will be appreciated. Kind Regards.


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    You wish help with what exactly?

    I did not look at the code of this download, but your commenting out the two lines is questionable.

    The first one is to make sure, you only modify text fields, not any binary fields, which would leave you with total gibberish.

    The second one is to make sure you don't break any relations. You should only use this if you process all tables.
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