Chart of Account (Trial Balance Probelm)

MammoMammo Member Posts: 107
Dear Experts,

I am facing a strange problem and hope that I will get a solution from this forum from you expert guys, I am using Navision 2009 classic client.

1. I have create a chart of account and defined the beginning and ending totals. Indenting created the totaling range without any problem.

2. I have imported the opening balances for all balance sheet accounts debit and credit to one contra account which is also part of the balance sheet. My balances are 100% accurate that's why I got zero balance in my contra account. And if I define the total range from start of balance sheet account till the end of balance sheet account I get zero sum which is also correct.

The problem is when I run trial balance I should get the totals zero but I always get some wrong figures. Even if I just simply export the chart I always get the same wrong figure which I get from the trial balance report.
When I see from the GL entry table the sum shows correctly the zero.

Moreover when I remove the Begin and End Totals accounts from the chart of accounts then trial balance shows zero figure correctly. So I assume the problem is in defining the begin and end total accounts or the indenting of accounts which is causing this problem to me but how to resolve this ? ](*,) ](*,) Here I need your expert opinion.

Can any one help me please.


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    udayrmerudayrmer Member Posts: 171
    Dear Mammo

    Your chart account is absolutely right, you are just facing the lack of representation.

    Begin & End total account will not have entries and they are giving us the some of posting accounts entries.
    So what is you have missed some where End-Total.

    Please check it
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
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    MammoMammo Member Posts: 107
    Dear Udaymer,

    Thank you for your reply. I checked filtering with each indent and found all the begin totals have the end total. But still the problem exist :( ](*,)

    Any suggestion to trace this strange problem?
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    MammoMammo Member Posts: 107

    I did not get any feed back from any one. But I find myself that if we export the chart to excel the sum will be zero without end totals. This is what I find from cronus database even they skip end totals in trial balance reports.

    I just update here to help others.

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