Sift levels to maintain in nav 2009 R2 and 2013

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When you do a text export of the 2009 R2 OR 2013 Cronus database, and you take a look at for example Table 32.

you will see that certain keys for ex. "Item no open variant code positive location code posting date" Have the property siftlevelstomaintain defined.

I know that in previous versions you had the posibility to define these in the development client. I was under the impression that since we now have VSIFT index views this property became obsolete.


Why are they still there?
Do they still affect the sift levels?
Can i just ignore them in a merge?
Is there any way left to manipulate them using the client?

I'm confused :-k
** SI ** Bert Van Gestel **


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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    As far as i know it is just legacy. Ignore them.
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    jhoekjhoek Member Posts: 216
    Just noticed the same thing, and was equally confused... :-)

    Look at table 380 - the key "Vendor No.,Initial Document Type,Document Type,Entry Type,Posting Date" doesn't have any SIFTLevels defined, but still has a non-default value.

    Do you know if these SIFTLevels serve any purpose, still?
    Kind regards,

    Jan Hoek
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    Mprise Products B.V.
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