Looking for DBMS tool to connect to Nav2009 Native

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Can anybody give an advise for a freeware (or cheap-ware) Database Management System (DBMS) tool that can connect to Nav2009 native database, for instance via the NODBC driver.

We used to use Microsoft Access for this. But we have some tables with many records for which an Access query takes very long (sometimes a few tens of minutes). The long time a query takes seems to come from Access, because a query from VB6 (and NODBC) is much quicker.

We are looking for a tool to develop queries in the same "visual way" as in Access, that is, we want to develop joins between tables in a visual user interface.

Regards, Rudolf


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    Why not migrate the NAV database to SQL? Then you'd have a wide choice of tools.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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