Navision 5.0 SP 1 : Wildcards in Security Filter.

MMVMMV Member Posts: 99

I am using wildcards in setting up the security filter for Recod Link table in the Role. f. e : Record Link: User ID=<>@T*. But for my dismay, it doesn't work. The system allows the user to insert the value in the Record Link table.

Any suggestion? :-k

Thanks in advance...



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    MaximusMaximus Member Posts: 105
    from the Help:

    Record level security filters do not support wildcards. This means that you cannot use * and ? in the filters. You can use the other symbols and operators, such as, <, >, |, &, and =.

    The maximum length of a security filter is 250 characters, but all of the delimiters, symbols and operators such as, <, >, |, &, .. and = also count as characters and can considerably reduce the length of the security filters that you can enter.

    Furthermore, security filters are concatenated and therefore the sum of all the security filters applied to a user or a role cannot exceed 250 characters.
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    MMVMMV Member Posts: 99
    Thanks a lot Maximus.

    I will check it.

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