Ledger Entry Dimensions Table not always updated from GL Ent

KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
NAV 2009 R2, Classic Client. When posting GL Journals, the Ledger Entry Dimensions Table is not always updated for all the Dimensions Posted, including Global Dimensions. It happens very sporadically, so it's hard to pinpoint what's going on. For example, the client had a G/L entry with a Department and Project (Global Dimensions) and only the Department got posted to the Ledg Entry Dim table, although both got posted to the GL Ledger Entry. The next journal with the same dimensions posted correctly. Client uses Analysis Views, so this is a major issue. They do use a 3rd dimension, but it's very difficult to know if this gets posted since it's only used occasionally. This impacts less than .1% of the entries, but being out of balance is not acceptable by the accountants.

I couldn't find anything in the knowledgebase, although searches can be fickle.

Please let me know if you are aware of any fixes for this. For right now, we run a program that updates the Led Entry Dims, then wipe out the Analysis View Entries, Reset the dates, last number on the Analysis View Table and rerun. Lots of work when the client is frustrated.



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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    Do you use standard or customized version? Newer had a problems with dim in standard, so i presume there is some bad designed customisation.
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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    Journal and documents update the dimensions in temporary tables when they are in insert mode. If a customization is coded incorrectly, then the dimensions may not be properly written to the dimension tables.
    As the previous response recommended, check your customizations. That has always been the problem in my experience. (Not that Microsoft is perfect, but I have never seen a Microsoft error in dimension handling.)
    NAV 2013 changes dimension handling which will provide new opportunities for errors!
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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    Do you use Default Dimension Priorities?
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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    Do you think dimension priorities can lead to this issue? I never had problems with it. Can you please be a bit more specific, it would be interesting to know if there any flaw in standard dimensions functionality.
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