Windows 8 and Navision

slowhandfanslowhandfan Member Posts: 56
I have a customer who is running Nav 4.03 BL 25143 which is the minimum executable version that will run on WINDOW 7 machines, ala the fat client...

Now he has to replace some work stations and he cannot buy windows 7 machines anymore... So he says

The question is... does anyone know the MINIMUM executable level that will run on Windows 8 machines?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    I am pretty sure you will be able to buy Windows 7 machines for quite a while - especially since a lot of people do not like the metro interface for business software. (I run it with Start8 and FoxIt on a couple of PCs because I am a developer and like to try new things, but I am not trying to run a business with it.)
    The best way to see if it runs is to load it on a Windows 8 PC, but bear in mind, NAV 5 and below are not supported, so run at your own risk.
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    ppavukppavuk Member Posts: 334
    We have couple of customers on NAV 4.0 sp3. The SQL version works ok on windows 8. Do not know re native db.
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