OnGlobal... triggers in CU1

PavlosPavlos Member Posts: 19
Hello Navision people!

I have have a quite simple question. I'm trying to add functionality so to check if a user has permission to change a field or not. In order to avoid adding code on each and every table I want this functionality I'm trying to use the OnGlobal... triggers found in Codeunit 1. The problem I have is that the OnGlobalModify is fired when I try to change record not when I leave the field that I'm modifying. I know that these triggers are fired when a write to the db is executed. What I actually need is a "trigger" to fire when I'm modifing a value in a field.

Any ideas/suggestions???

Thanks in advance.


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    Tim81Tim81 Member Posts: 68
    If it would be that easy to make a field security...

    Many NSCs programmed their own solution to get field security and sell it to their customers.

    So, if you are a end customer you will need consolidated knowledge to solve it.

    So, there is no trigger that fires at field changes.
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